Shanxi to promote traditional Chinese culture in schools

( Updated: 2022-09-14

The Shanxi Department of Education will start construction on traditional culture promotion centers in 2022 at colleges and universities in North China's Shanxi province. 

By the end of 2023, the province plans to build 100 such centers. 

Ethnic folk music, ethnic folk art, ethnic folk dance, drama, opera, traditional handicrafts and traditional ethnic sports will be promoted at the centers. 

In the course of development, colleges and universities will invite ethnic folk artists, promoters of intangible cultural heritage and traditional national sports, and folk artists to give lectures or teach elective courses for students not majoring in arts and sports. 

Shanxi plans to integrate school and social resources to build a practice workshop focusing on promoting traditional Chinese culture. 

In addition, the province will further research into traditional Chinese culture education and take advantage of the teachers and curriculum resources at the centers to conduct related educational activities among local primary and secondary schools and communities.

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