Datong acts to boost market vitality

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2022-04-21

The Datong market regulation administration in Datong, North China's Shanxi province, recently issued a series of measures to increase the number of market entities in the city and improve the business environment. 

The 21 measures focus on the protection and application of intellectual property, as well as fair market regulation.

The administration will provide measurement services for small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the quality management system certification and promotion of small and micro-sized enterprises, and strengthen technical exchange and cooperation with enterprises.

To stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation among market players, the administration will promote intellectual property pledge financing projects, promote geographical indication applications, help enterprises commercialize patents, strengthen the mediation of patent infringement disputes, and advance the construction of intellectual property protection assistance stations.

In addition, the administration will promote the implementation of a fair competition review system, strengthen enforcement of anti-monopoly and unfair competition laws as well as laws related to advertising, reduce the burden on enterprises, and accelerate the formation of a fair, efficient and orderly market environment.

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