General aviation rises in Datong

( Updated: 2022-01-10


The Datong General Aviation Industrial Park in Datong [Photo/Yellow River News] 

Datong in northern Shanxi province has been promoting its general aviation industry as a strategic emerging industry for industrial transformation and development since it was approved as a demonstration city for general aviation development in 2019. 

The Datong General Aviation Industrial Park and enterprises in the park have led the development of general aviation in the city.

The industrial park has introduced several aviation manufacturing projects such as German light aircraft R&D and manufacturing as well as American Super Legend aircraft manufacturing, acquired the intellectual property rights of many advanced European aircraft, and handled airworthiness certification for the Civil Aviation Administration of China for multiple types of aircraft.


Light aircraft are lined up in a factory in Datong General Aviation Industrial Park. [Photo/Yellow River News]

Datong Light Aircraft Manufacturing Co, as the first enterprise introduced by Datong General Aviation Industrial Park, is focused on developing the entire industrial chain, including production, sales, maintenance and training. 

The company has trained a group of capable light aircraft manufacturing professionals for the city while introducing the world's leading light aircraft manufacturing technology and talent.

It signed cooperation agreements with Shanxi General Aviation Polytechnic College and Datong Sports School to jointly promote training in aviation sports and general aviation operators in Datong, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the local general aviation industry.


A Datong-made light aircraft in flight [Photo/Yellow River News]

"We invite German experts every year to provide hands-on training for employees in order to ensure that they are fully proficient in manufacturing technology, and have production capacity," said Pan Guangyao, deputy general manager of the company. 

The company plans to develop the air tourism, education and training, short-distance air transportation, and emergency support sectors; expand R&D and production and complete the construction and operation of the autogyro production lines from 2021-25; and cooperate with universities to promote future aircraft R&D and manufacturing.

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