Datong Art Museum

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-09-08


An aerial view of the Datong Art Museum in the city of Datong [Photo/Datong Daily] 

The Datong Art Museum is located in Pingcheng district in the city of Datong. 

The museum covers an area of 51,328.8 square meters and has a total construction area of 32,238.5 sq m. It is the largest public service platform for fine arts in Datong. 

It is designed by the world-renowned British Foster and Partners Architectural Design and Engineering Firm and China Architecture Design & Research Group, and has a unique and novel architectural style.

The main structure of the museum is connected via eight triangular pyramids with heights ranging from 2 to 26 meters. 

The exhibition area in the museum is 16,000 sq m in size and is composed of six sections with a height of 8-36 meters and an area of 600-6800 sq m. The main 6,800-sq-m exhibition hall with a height of 36 meters is one of the biggest in China and can be used for super-large art exhibits. 


People tour the Datong Art Museum. [Photo/Datong Daily]

The 13,400-sq-m public service area in the museum includes an art book reading area, a tea and coffee rest area, a Chinese and Western food service area, an aesthetics, culture, and creativity area, and a public art training area. 

The 2,800-sq-m art collection area is divided into six collection warehouses with constant temperatures and humidities required by different collections.

A two-month museum opening series exhibition and an "Enjoying Summer in Datong" art exhibition are currently open to the public at the museum, featuring more than 800 paintings, photographs, and cultural and creative works.

The Datong Art Museum will next introduce more high-quality cultural and art exhibitions, and develop itself into a public cultural service platform integrating art collection, research, exhibition, public education, international exchange, artwork restoration, and cultural creativity, according to Meng Dechang, director of the Datong bureau of culture and tourism.

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