Datong acts to streamline, improve its business environment

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-08-16


A staff member of the administrative service center of Datong Economic Development Zone provides services for a man. [Photo/dt.gov.cn]

Datong has been continuing to improve its business environment, to expand the city's economic transformation and development.

Since the start of the year, government departments in Datong have provided full agency services for enterprises and members of the public. 

According to a staff member of the Datong bureau of administrative services, the registration of newly established enterprises in Datong can now be handled online.

Members of staff at the bureau can be asked to assist in completing registration, taxation, account opening and issue certificates at no charge.

When an applicant for a project submits an application for full agency services to the special administrative window, the staff member there will designate an agent to complete the follow-up work. 

Moreover, the agent will send the paper approval and other documents to the applicant by means of a door-to-door delivery service or postal delivery and send message reminders, so as to reduce visits made by the business to the bureau.

The city has continued to reduce the time and costs for a start-up, with the new company registration process being completed within a working day. A number of services, such as handling business licenses, applying for invoices and processing employee insurance registrations, are offered free. 

In addition, the time taken for handling building permits has also been reduced by over 60 percent.

Moving forward, Datong plans to focus its efforts on encouraging the establishment there of a range of business entities and continuing its efforts to build a market-oriented, legalized international business environment.

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