Datong holds job fair for big data industry

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-07-05

Datong city in North China's Shanxi province recently held a job fair targeting the big data industry. 

More than 20 data-driven, information-technology application and innovation companies, including China Motion Telecom, CNISP Group Co and Chindata Group, offered more than 5,000 positions at the fair. Among these positions were highly competitive posts such as data training engineer, data operation team leader and data processing engineer. 

"A large number of talents are indispensable as we started new projects in Datong. There will be 300 to 400 positions for job seekers and we will strengthen employee training to help them promptly adapt to new trends in the development of emerging industries," said an employer from Chindata Group at the fair. 

The fair was an important measure for Datong to promote the development of the whole industry chain of big data, cultivate and expand the data service industry and effectively increase employment.

In recent years, the city has focused on promoting the development of big data industrial clusters.

It has introduced and constructed data storage projects such as Chindata Group, CNISP data and JD data, and invested in supporting local labor-intensive data service companies. Currently, the city has built 23,000 data center racks, which can carry nearly 209,000 servers, with a big data industrial platform basically formed. 

To reserve more talent for the development of the digital industry, local authorities together with basic data companies, colleges and universities have also furthered government-university-enterprise cooperation on talent cultivation. The aim is to help Datong coordinate vocational education and digital industrial development. 

Dozens of companies that have settled in various districts and counties in Datong have participated in the joint talent cultivation program. Datong Vocational Education Center and Datong Yunzhou Vocational and Technical School have begun enrollment for the program.

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