Datong administers 2nd vaccination shot

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-06-28

All counties and districts in Datong city, North China's Shanxi province, completed their target of administering 1.25 million doses of the second shot of the vaccine against the COVID-19 pandemic as of 15:26 on June 27, according to the local disease control and prevention center. 

As a result, the immunization coverage rate of the city reportedly exceeded 40 percent, ranking it 2nd in Shanxi province. 

Under the provincial plan, on June 8-30, Datong city's vaccination is mainly targeted at people who have already received the first vaccination shot. After July, the first shot of free vaccinations will be resumed in an orderly manner. 

To further increase the vaccination coverage and build a group immunity barrier, counties and districts in Datong have promoted online and offline epidemic prevention and control vaccination policies. 

This has been done to increase the public's understanding of and attention to vaccinations and to mobilize them to actively receive vaccinations.

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