Conceptual tourism development project of Datong Volcano National Geopark

( Updated: 2021-06-01

1. Project overview

The conceptual tourism development project of Datong Volcano National Geopark includes a volcano-themed town in Xiaganzhuang village, a flight base at Shuangshan Mountain, volcano-themed leisure and agricultural sub-projects, a boutique hotel in Huangjiawa village and a museum of volcanic geology.  

2. Project investment estimate: 796 million yuan ($125.01 million) 

3. Supporting conditions

Authorities of Yunzhou district in Datong city attach great importance to the protection and construction of Datong Volcano National Geopark. While actively attracting investment, the local authorities have invested more than 100 million yuan in greening 200 square kilometers of area in the geopark, over 50 million yuan in building 50 km of tourist roads, and over 20 million yuan in building a square, a volcano-viewing platform, a temporary museum for the geopark, and tourist signposts and explanation boards at scenic spots. Authorities have also invested more than 23 million yuan in establishing parking lots, a tourist service center and a wooden plank road. 

4. Market prospects

Datong's volcanic group is the only well-preserved quaternary volcanic group on the Loess Plateau formed by volcanic cinder cones and lava cones. It is a rare natural heritage in East Asia and is one of the six famous volcanic groups in China. With a total of more than 40 volcanic craters, it ranks first among all volcanic groups in the country.

Since its discovery in 1929, the volcanic group in Datong has attracted considerable attention. The protection and orderly development of its geological relics and cultural and ecological resources have received broad support from governments at the city, provincial and national levels and society. 

5. Preferential policies

Yunzhou district's government provides special preferential policies based on the project's investment scale, scientific and technological level, and financial contribution. 

6. Contact

Contact unit: management office of Datong Volcano National Geopark

Contact person: Lu Mei

Tel: +86 13935266765


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