Datong strikes big deals at Expo Central China

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-05-28


The Datong Yungang Digital Carbon Neutrality Summit takes place in Datong city, on May 22. [Photo/Datong Daily] 

Datong city signed 32 projects and made deals with turnover of 146 million yuan ($22.89 million) at the special products trade fair during the 12th Expo Central China, held in North China's Shanxi province on May 21-23. 

At the trade fair, the Datong exhibition area displayed high-tech industrial products, innovative biomedical products, intangible cultural heritage items and its cultural tourism resources. The event enabled visitors to gain a more vivid and concrete understanding of the development achievements and featured products of Datong, which is located in Shanxi province. 

The city also signed three projects concerning renewable energy big data, bio-based new materials, precision copper conductors and clean energy industries, attracting total investment of 41.8 billion. 

In addition, on May 22, the city held the Datong Yungang Digital Carbon Neutrality Summit where domestic entrepreneurs, experts and academics in the digital and energy fields jointly explored the pathway to peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, as well as the development of the digital economy in Central China. 

At the summit, Datong launched Chindata Group's project to build a 150 megawatt solar power station and signed 17 projects in the fields of big data, wind power and research and development into interactive intelligent support systems.

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