Beilu Bangzi

( Updated: 2021-05-07

Beilu Bangzi, Zhonglu Bangzi, Shangdang Bangzi and Puju Opera are the four major forms of local opera from the provinces of Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and Hebei and they are widely regarded as among the most influential local opera styles in North China. 

Beilu Bangzi's singing style is mainly based on the changes of clapper boards and includes local folk songs and tunes. 

Because of the wide-ranging influence of dialects, folk customs and arts, Beilu Bangzi has formed different styles of singing, such as the xiaobeilu and the dabeilu styles. 

The dabeilu style sounds calm and rough, high-pitched and bold and fully embodies Datong city's unconstrained and bold folk customs, while the xiaobeilu style sounds more delicate and soft.

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