Datong achieves breakthrough in geothermal resource exploration

((chinadaily.com.cn)) Updated: 2021-03-25

A breakthrough has been made in the geothermal resource exploration project in Yanggao and Tianzhen counties in Datong city in northern Shanxi province, according to an announcement from the Shanxi Department of Natural Resources on March 22.

The project explores high-temperature and high-pressure geothermal fluid through drilling. 

The wellhead temperature was recently measured as high as 160.2 C. It is the highest-temperature geothermal hole in the shallow depth range of 2,000 meters discovered in North China so far. 

The discovered geothermal fluid is rich in various minerals and trace elements, among which metaboric acid and lithium have a concentration that is of medical value. 

This provides a scientific basis and technical experience for the sustainable development and utilization of geothermal resources. It will greatly promote the comprehensive utilization of geothermal resources in Shanxi. 

The discovery is also of great significance to energy conservation and emission reduction goals, renewable clean energy utilization, and energy-structure optimization in Shanxi and the country at large.


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