Datong city to further revitalize its rural areas in 2021

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-03-19

Datong city in North China's Shanxi province will move to improve the high-quality development of its agricultural sector, as well as to boost the incomes of its farmers and promote its rural revitalization during the current year, according to the local government's work plan for 2021.

The city will establish a sound basic living security system for people with disabilities, a post-relocation assistance system for those who have had to move somewhere else due to penury and a poverty alleviation project asset management system, to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation and to prevent people returning to poverty.

A strict arable land protection system will be implemented. The planting area for grain will be stabilized at some 2,800 square kilometers and grain output is projected to top 1.25 million metric tons in the current year. Some 144 sq km of new high-standard farmland will be established during the year and over 333 sq km of area will be developed for organic dry land farming.

Moreover, the city will develop agricultural planting and breeding bases and establish the Datong Huanghua National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park and the Datong National Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Zone. It will promote and introduce leading agricultural enterprises and move forwards with the development of industrial clusters for intensive farm produce processing for daylilies, herbal tea, meat and traditional Chinese medicine.

To further streamline the sales channels of these agricultural products, the city plans to help boost the growth of rural e-commerce.

Datong also has set forward plans to work with China Agricultural University and the China New Rural Planning and Design Institute. They will coordinate the preparations of rural planning, plan a group of urban and rural basic public service improvement projects and improve infrastructure support in rural areas.

The introduction of garbage classifications, the improvement of sewage treatment and toilet installations -- as well as general renovation in rural areas -- will be continued to enhance rural living conditions and the rural environment.

In addition, local authorities will strengthen their protection of traditional villages, focusing on rural cultural revitalization and the development of beautiful villages.

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