Tourism resources in Datong

( Updated: 2021-03-17

History of city: 2,300 years

Number of key cultural relics sites under national-level protection: 27

Key cultural relics sites under provincial-level protection: 17

Total number of key cultural relics sites under municipal-level protection: 98

Length of ancient Great Wall sections in area: more than 400 kilometers

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Yungang Grottoes, the Great Wall

National wetland parks: Shenxi National Wetland Park in Hunyuan county; Fengyu National Wetland Park in Yunzhou district

Provincial wetland parks: Shili River Provincial Wetland Park in Zuoyun county; Wenying Lake Provincial Wetland Park; Tulin Provincial Wetland Park in Yunzhou district

Ecological and environmental resources: natural landscape, forests, mountains, rivers, grasslands, karst caves, wetlands and hot springs

Main attractions: Xuankong Temple -- ancient temple built into cliff; Huayan Temple -- known as museum of arts from the Liao Dynasty (916-1125) and Jin Dynasty (1115-1234); Hengshan Mountain -- one of five most renowned mountains in China

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