Datong city to establish raft of industry clusters in 2021

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-03-12

Datong city in North China's Shanxi province will reportedly accelerate its push to establish a modern industrial system in the current year, by establishing eight industry clusters there and optimizing its industrial structure.

Here are the specific plans for the industry clusters:

New energy industry cluster

The city will speed up the development of major new energy projects related to hydrogen energy, solar power, energy storage and compressed air energy storage. The Jinbei wind power project will be completed and connected to the electricity grid by the end of the year.

The energy structure will be further optimized in the city, with new energy installed capacity accounting for over 50 percent of the Datong's total electricity installed capacity.

The city will also make every effort to build a green energy power supply base for the Beijing-Tianjin area. 

Digital industry cluster

Datong will fast-track the expansion of the data center projects being undertaken by the Chindata Group, Cnisp Group, Puyun Data Co and Huawei Technologies Co to realize additional investment of 30 billion yuan ($4.62 billion) within the year; it will accelerate developing big data application industries and form a big data industrial cluster with an annual output value over 100 billion yuan by focusing on leading internet companies JD.com, ByteDance Ltd, Meituan Inc and Kuaishou.com. 

New materials industry cluster

Datong will move into top gear with the construction of new materials industrial projects concerning carbon nanomaterials, carbon anode materials, high-performance magnesium alloy materials, grapheme powder and semiconductor raw and auxiliary materials -- as well as promote the large-scale development of bio-based, carbon-based and graphite new materials. 

Equipment manufacturing industry cluster

Datong will advance the development of equipment manufacturing projects such as CRRC high-power electric mining vehicle manufacturing and Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group's industrial crane manufacturing base, integrate mechanical processing capabilities, cultivate and introduce a group of coal mining equipment companies, as well as build a new coal mining manufacturing hub. 

Biomedicine and health industry clusters

Datong will promote the construction of medicine and health industrial projects based on two local medical and pharmaceutical industrial parks and the upgrading of a penicillin industrial production and supply chain being undertaken by Sinopharm Weiqida Pharmaceutical Co; it will give full play to the traditional Chinese medicine industry and develop a branded and large-scale healthcare industrial cluster.

General aviation industry cluster

Datong plans to accelerate the construction of general aviation projects and major aviation infrastructure and education facilities -- as well as to improve a low-altitude flight service guarantee system, air tourism services, aviation emergency rescues, general aviation education and training -- so as to complete the local general aviation sector.

Energy saving and environmental protection industry cluster

Datong will further introduce advanced environmental protection equipment manufacturing and high-efficiency energy-saving product production projects. It will enhance its utilization of waste resources and build a demonstration zone for energy-saving and environmental protection in northern Shanxi. 

Wool textile industry cluster

Datong is set to help move up the construction of Datong Zyintex Textile Technology Co's wool and cashmere production plant, draw up plans for the development of the Shanxi-Inner Mongolia wool and cashmere trading platform, a wool spinning industry research center, as well as a wool big data platform in Central and West China.

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