Innovation tops Datong's development agenda

( Updated: 2021-03-08

Datong city in northern Shanxi province will gather innovation resources, further create innovative results and greatly enhance innovation capabilities this year, according to the Datong government's recently released work report for 2021.

The city will promote innovation culture and encourage the research and development of new products, the incubation of new businesses and the introduction of projects in the six vital areas of new infrastructure, new technologies, new materials, new equipment, new products and new industries. Datong will also commend innovators in the six aforementioned categories. 

Datong will use special funds to build expert pools, think tanks and talent pools that gather leading management talent with strong strategic thinking capabilities, market research and judgment capabilities, and capital operation capabilities. The ultimate goal of these resources is to attract more innovative talents to the city. 

The city will also continue to introduce innovative enterprise professionals familiar with industrial policies and markets and retain senior talents with practical skills in core positions who have mastered key technologies and have made outstanding contributions. 

Authorities will further cooperate with well-known enterprises, universities, scientific research institutes and R&D institutions. By jointly building innovation platforms, sharing scientific and technological resources and coordinating work arrangements, Datong will gather and introduce more capital, technology and talent related to the innovation sector. 

Datong will promote cross-regional coordinated development, and strengthen innovation cooperation with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta region and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. With these areas, the city will jointly build tech achievement transformation service centers and innovation incubators to enhance technological innovation capabilities. 

Also, the city will incubate more innovation entities. It will strengthen local enterprises' independent innovation capabilities and aim to have 100 high-tech enterprises within the current year. 

Large local enterprises are being encouraged to jointly tackle critical tech problems in the six areas mentioned above. Shanxi Datong University is being supported to build collaborative innovation centers and key laboratories focusing on significant disciplines.

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