Datong's tourism market performs well over Spring Festival

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-02-18


A folk show is staged in a tourist attraction in Datong city, Feb 17. [Photo/sxgov.cn]

The tourism market in Datong city in northern Shanxi province was stable during the Spring Festival holiday from Feb 11 and 17.

As of 14:00 on Feb 17, major scenic areas in the city received 21,074 visits and generated 1.04 million yuan ($161,094) in tourism revenue. These tourist attractions implemented precise, considerate and intelligent services and strict COVID-19 prevention and control measures. 

Yungang Grottoes, Hengshan Mountain, Xuankong Temple, Huayan Temple, Shanhua Temple, Datong Ancient City Wall and Nine Dragon Wall were the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

Ice- and snow-themed tours continued to be popular among tourists, with many people visiting Baideng Mountain Ski Resort, Ancient City Moat Ice and Snow Amusement Park, and Taohua Mountain Ice and Snow Park for ice and snow entertainment programs. 

Rural tourism continued booming during the seven-day holiday. Many residents went to villages in Tianzhen, Yanggao and Lingqiu counties to experience the rural Chinese New Year atmosphere. 

Self-driving enthusiasts picked the Great Wall No 1 Tourist Highway, the highway around the Sanggan River and roads leading to volcanoes as their top driving routes.

Besides offline traveling, online celebrations and events also offered people more exciting choices for spending the traditional festival. Major scenic areas in the city launched online virtual reality exhibitions, which allowed visitors to enjoy cultural relics and natural scenery at home. An online cultural program themed around intangible cultural heritage in Datong was also broadcast, showing viewers traditional dramas and operas in Datong.

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