Datong railway equipment manufacturer exports products to India

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-01-27

CRRC Datong Co based in Datong city, Shanxi province, exported railway wagon axles via Tianjin port to India on Jan 23. 

The company is committed to building an advanced rail transit manufacturing base and has produced more than 10,000 high-horsepower trunk line locomotives of various models, leading the rapid development of China's railway industry. 

Due to its comprehensive strength in rail transit, CRRC Datong Co won an international bid last year to produce a large order of railway wagon axles for India. It has fulfilled the order following the contract requirements.

The international market is always the focus of CRRC Datong Co's business expansion. In recent years, the company has given full play to its R&D and manufacturing advantages in electric locomotives and improved its independent innovation capabilities, enhancing the overseas competitiveness of China's high-end rail transit equipment products. 

The company has continuously increased its investment in scientific research and strengthened the cultivation of scientific and tech personnel to ensure continuous innovation. As a result, its declared invention patents have maintained a growth of more than 10 percent in recent years.

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