Straw-utilization project launches in Datong tech zone

( Updated: 2021-01-20

A comprehensive straw-utilization project has recently settled in Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone.

The current straw-utilization rate is meager, and there are serious pollution problems that arise from incinerating straw or burying it in a landfill. The straw-utilization project, which is being undertaken by Youwote Technology (Shanxi) Co, aims to address this issue, and it will have the capacity to treat 100,000 metric tons of straw per year.

The project will realize full-component biomass utilization and produce two major products – xylose and environmentally friendly bio-boards made without glue and formaldehyde.

Xylose is a high-end and healthy ingredient widely used in the creation of supplements and health foods. The bio-boards are robust, eco-friendly, moisture-proof, fireproof and easy to clean, among other attributes. Both products have strong market potential.

The whole production process is eco-friendly, adopting water and thermal energy recycling. All the concentrated organic carbohydrates produced are converted into carbon dioxide and water, and no additional pollutants are generated.

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