Aviation Industrial Park Project

Updated: 2020-09-09

1. General information about the project

Project unit: Investment Promotion Department of Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanxi Province

Address: General Aviation Industrial Park, Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanxi Province

Planning area: 33.33 hectares

Ownership: sole proprietorship

Investment attraction: investors and operators

2. Project introduction 

The project is focused on general aviation industry projects, mainly in aircraft manufacturing and sales, exhibitions and aviation tourism, and aviation personnel training. It is based on the existing general aviation industrial park's resources of the Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone. 

3. Investment highlights

Datong is a demonstration city for the development of the general aviation industry in North China’s Shanxi province, and the General Aviation Industry Demonstration Park is one of the major projects that Datong uses to promote economic transformation and upgrading and implement supply-side structural reform. Currently, a German light aircraft R&D and manufacturing project, an American aircraft manufacturing project, and an aviation materials manufacturing project have settled in the park. The industrial park is making efforts to attract high-end general aviation manufacturing companies and develop the integration of aviation and tourism, sports, education, and emergency rescue, aiming to improve the consumption and service functions of the general aviation industry, cultivate low-altitude tourism routes and other products, and develop multiple businesses.

4. Investment and benefits

The total investment is five billion yuan. The annual revenue after operation is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan and the annual profit will be one billion yuan.

5. Contact information

Contact unit: Investment Promotion Department of Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone 

Contact person: Yang Jie 

Tel: +86 15234225012

Email: 229335091@qq.com

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