Biological medicine R&D and production base project

Updated: 2020-09-09

1. General information about the project

Project unit: Investment Promotion Department of Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanxi province

Project address: Pharmaceutical Industrial Park

Planning area: 13.33 hectares

Ownership: sole proprietorship

Investment attraction: investors, operators

2. Project introduction

The biological medicine R&D and production base project is focused on research and product development in fields such as genetic engineering, cell engineering, fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering, biochip technology, pharmaceutical materials, gene sequencing technology, tissue engineering technology, and bioinformatics technology. The project will build a biopharmaceutical and chemical pharmaceutical production center as well as a R&D center, a monitoring center, and a training and marketing center. It will also work on developing the biomedical industry chain and building a biomedical industrial base.

3. Investment highlights

The pharmaceutical industry is a traditional, non-coal, advantageous industry in Datong City, North China’s Shanxi province. The pharmaceutical industrial park in the Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone serves as a cluster of pharmaceutical businesses and a characteristic pharmaceutical industrial base in the National Torch Plan. To date, it has attracted 13 large pharmaceutical companies and has had more than 2,000 approvals for pharmaceutical products. In addition, it has a complete industrial chain of cephalosporin injection preparations, penicillin preparations, and potassium clavulanate.

Relying on Datong's unique advantages in terms of climate, energy, and raw materials, the industrial park focuses on the development of new varieties and preparations of Chinese medicine, blood products, bioactive agents and other products. It also works on bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and generic drugs, and strives to build China's largest antibiotic bulk pharmaceutical chemicals production base, freeze-dried powder production base, and characteristic Chinese herbal medicine production research and development base.

Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone has complete infrastructure including roads, drainage, communications, and supplies of power, water, heat, and gas. Its comprehensive conditions have been able to accommodate large and medium-sized enterprises in the zone.

4. Investment benefits

The total investment is about 300-800 million yuan for a different project scale. The project has an estimated annual sales income of 2.5 billion yuan and a profit of 700 million yuan.

5. Contact information 

Contact unit: Investment Promotion Department of Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanxi province

Contact person: Zhang Ridong

Tel: +86 13653423631


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