Health & Tourism Resort at Shen'nong Paradise Valley in Changjiangyu, Guangling County, Shanxi Province

Updated: 2020-09-09

⒈ Project Name: Health & Tourism Resort at Shen'nong Paradise Valley in Changjiangyu, Guangling County, Shanxi Province

⒉ Name of Applicant: Guangling Bureau of Culture and Tourism

⒊ Project Description

⑴ Content: The health and tourism resort is located in the southwestern part of Guangling. It is administered by Nancun Township and is roughly 30 kilometers from downtown Guangling. Based on abundant landscape water resources, the Zhangshiyan landform and a plantation of traditional Chinese herbs, it is dedicated to building itself into a resort featuring the cultivation of traditional Chinese herbal plants, the improvement of human health enhanced by herbal medicines, and a collection of facilities for leisure, vacations and sport. It is scheduled to build Xianglutai Agri-tourism Complex, the Temple of Mountain God, Shangsi Water-based Theme Program, Haiziyu Revolutionary & Education Tourism Program, Alpine Meadow Summer Resort Program and the Outdoors Hiking Program.

⑵ Investment Estimate: 1 billion yuan ($145.2 million)

⑶ Market Prospect: It is estimated that the health and tourism resort will create about 100 job opportunities and receive 1,200 visitors on average per day during its peak period. Each visitor is expected to spend 700 yuan there and the annual reception rate is 60 percent. The resort will have an annual income of RMB 183.96 million yuan and its static payback period is scheduled to be nine years, while the profit rate is calculated as 60 percent.

4. Cooperation Mode: proprietorship and joint venture

5. Contact Information

Address: Investment Promotion Center of Guangling County

Tel: 0352-8826588


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