Datong Hualin Co., Ltd

Updated: 2020-09-09

Datong Hualin Co is a large-scale commercial retail enterprise in Datong city and the owner of the largest commercial store in Shanxi province. As the leading commercial enterprise in Datong, one of the top 10 enterprises established by Shanxi merchants, one of the top 100 fastest moving consumer goods chain enterprises in China, and one of the top 100 creditworthy enterprises in China, it is well-known inside and outside the province.

Since its establishment in 1997, the enterprise has achieved rapid and healthy development. It has 11 independent stores including the Hualin Commercial Building, Hualin Life Plaza, and Hualin Xintiandi, of which two are department stores and nine are supermarkets. In 2014, it achieved sales of 1.85 billion yuan ($270 m), and paid taxes of more than 400 million yuan. In December 2014, it became the only pilot site in Shanxi province for the standardization of the commercial circulation and service industry. In the first half of 2015, its sales revenue totaled 790 million yuan. 

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