Mineral Resources in Datong

Updated: 2020-08-28

Datong has a proven coal reserve of 38 billion tons, in addition to abundant non-metallic and metallic reserves that are among the most sought-after resources in the markets.

Non-metallic reserves: zeolite, pearlite, graphite, basalt, and granite

Metallic reserves: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, manganese, and molybdenum

Land Resources

Datong has a total land area of 1.406 million hectares, of which approximately 376,000 hectares are arable land. About 39 percent of the total land remains unused, and there is an ample supply of land for industrial use. Cost of land for construction projects in Datong is less than 50% of the national average.   

Energy Resources

As a key energy base in China, Datong sells coal that generally has a calorific value of 6,000 to over 20 provinces and municipalities in China and even overseas markets. The city is now undergoing the "Six Transformations". 

Datong now has a total installed capacity of power generation of 12,000 MW, the highest in Shanxi Province. Its total installed capacity of new clear power generation is 2,270 MW, wind power capacity1,650 MW, and PV power station capacity 1,630 MW.

The 500 kV UHV transmission line of the Datong Second Electricity Plant is a pivot to the Northern China Power Grid that converges power from Inner Mongolia and Shanxi for transmission to the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Grid via the 500 kV UHV transmission line of the Datong-Fangshan Third Loop Line. It facilitates on-grid connection of wind and solar power, with annual output exceeding 29 billion KWh. Datong will soon complete the 1,000 kV high-voltage Northern Shanxi Transmission Project, as 85 reservoirs are now in place with a total storage capacity of 779 million cubic meters.  

The Cetian Reservoir, the second largest reservoir in the province, has a storage capacity of 500 million cubic meters of water. It transmits approximately 30 million to 100 million cubic meters of water to Beijing annually, and the northern trunk line of the Shanxi Yellow River Diversion Project transmits 300 million cubic meters of water to Datong each year. Five main rivers feeding into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, namely the Sanggan, Tang, Nanyang, Xiyang and Huliu, collectively have an annual flow of 600 million cubic meters. 

Datong also hosts the main pipelines of the West-to-East Natural Gas Transmission Project. CNOOC's coal-to-gas project with a capacity of 4 billion cubic meters -- a key strategic energy reserve project -- will soon be kick-started in Datong to serve the energy demands of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region.

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