Five Shanxi coal groups make it onto Fortune Global 500 list

Updated: 2020-08-17

Five major coal companies in North China's Shanxi province made it onto this year's list of Fortune Global 500 Companies, released on Aug 10, according to local officials. 

They are Datong Coal Mine Group ranking 463th with a revenue of $27.56 billion in 2019, Shanxi Coking Coal Group ranking 485th with a revenue of $26.18 billion, Shanxi LuAn Mining Group ranking 489th with a revenue of $26.08 billion, Yangquan Coal Industry Group ranking 499th with a revenue of $25.49 billion and Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Coal Mining Group ranking 500th with a revenue of $25.39 billion. 

In the latest list, the operating income of Fortune Global 500 companies in 2019 reached $33 trillion, setting a record. A total of 133 companies in China made it onto this year's list, four more than last year, making the 17th consecutive year that the number of Chinese companies had increased. 

Shanxi ranked sixth in China this year in terms of its number of Fortune Global 500 Companies.

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