Shanxi promotes intl energy innovation, cooperation


Updated: 2021-11-11

The China (Shanxi) Energy Revolution Innovation and Cooperation (Dubai) Cloud Promotion Conference was held online and offline in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, on Nov 8.

At the conference, Lu Yifeng, executive director of the China Energy Public Opinion Research Center, gave a video keynote speech on China's low-carbon transition and development and goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

Omar Paganini, Uruguayan Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, praised Uruguay's energy industry in his video and expressed his strong desire to cooperate with Shanxi and China.

To fully showcase Shanxi's projects in the energy field, major energy enterprises in the province carried out on-site presentations on five application scenarios for heterojunction technology, high-efficiency photovoltaic product manufacturing, new materials, wind energy, and big data.

"Shanxi's advanced technology in the energy field, focus on green development and innovative development impressed me. The distance between Spain and Shanxi enterprises has been made obsolete and I will bring more excellent products from Shanxi to the international market," said David Picasso of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China. 

In recent years, Shanxi has promoted a comprehensive reform of the energy revolution and has implemented measures to reach China's goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. 

It has achieved remarkable results in the green transformation of socioeconomic development, the formation of an industrial structure, production methods, and lifestyles that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.