Shanxi nature reserve is paradise in autumn

By Sun Ruisheng in Taiyuan and Zhou Huiying (


An autumn view of the Pangquangou National Natural Reserve in Jiaocheng county, Shanxi province [Photo by Gao Zengping for]

Pangquangou is a national nature reserve focusing on the protection of forest ecology and wild animals, especially endangered brown-eared pheasants, North China larch and spruce secondary forest.

It is the main part of the Guandishan National Forest Park and a rare oasis on the Loess Plateau.

There are 15 natural and cultural landscapes with ornamental value and 10 peaks with the altitude of above 2,000 meters in the Pangquangou National Nature Reserve.

Address: intersection of northwestern Jiaocheng county and northeastern Fangshan county, Lyuliang city, Shanxi province

Best period for travel: spring, summer, autumn (May to early October)

Hours: all day

Admission price: 20 yuan ($3.13) per person

Tel: 0358-3595120

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