Shanxi plans industrial internet innovation, development


The Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology recently released a plan to promote industrial internet innovation and development in North China's Shanxi province.

The plan proposes accelerating the construction of the industrial internet network system and improving enterprises' industrial internet awareness and capabilities. By 2023, the scope of application of the new industrial internet business will continue to expand, and overall industrial strength will be significantly improved.

To this end, Shanxi plans to further improve new infrastructure by building industrial internet network infrastructure covering the province's 14 strategic emerging industrial clusters, and promoting the construction of three to five industrial internet platforms with demonstrative effects in the province and influence in China.

Digital management, platform-based design, networked collaboration, intelligent manufacturing, personalized customization, and other new businesses will be widely promoted and applied in traditional and strategic emerging industries. 

The basic innovation capabilities of the industrial internet will be further improved, and a series of related standards in advantageous industries such as the equipment and mining sectors will be formulated.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are encouraged to improve their digital application capabilities through the industrial internet. 

In addition, Shanxi will promote the integrated development of the industrial internet and safe production, and form ties between rapid perception, real-time monitoring, advance warning, and emergency response.