Shanxi to build green manufacturing system


North China's Shanxi province will develop a green manufacturing system with high technological content, low resource consumption, and less environmental pollution, according to the Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology on Aug 11. 

To achieve this, Shanxi will build eco-friendly factories and industrial parks, and develop green design products and supply chains with the help of preferential policies and financial support. 

The eco-friendly factories will use land intensively, feature clean production, engage in waste recycling, and make use of low-carbon energy. 

The province will develop eco-friendly factories by using eco-friendly building technology, promoting green design and procurement, producing green products, adopting advanced and applicable clean production techniques and high-efficiency end treatment equipment, and establishing a resource recycling mechanism.

By introducing eco-friendly enterprises with strong economic benefits and applying the concept of green development in park planning, spatial layout, and industrial chain design, Shanxi will build industrial parks with an eco-friendly operation structure. 

As for the promotion of products with a sustainable design, the province will choose mature products with a large quantity and a wide range and that are closely related to consumers, and adopt high-performance, lightweight, and eco- friendly new materials to develop energy-efficient green products.