Shanxi strengthens cultural relic protection and utilization


The Shanxi Cultural Relic Bureau recently selected 39 national key cultural relic protection sites as pilot sites for national treasure-level cultural relic protection and utilization in North China's Shanxi province.

The pilot sites are rich in resources, are home to cultural relics with high value and significance, have a strong foundation for cultural relic protection and management, and have high visibility and strong influence in Shanxi.

They will strengthen daily management and maintenance to ensure the safety of cultural relics and the surrounding environment, build a "national treasure-level cultural relic protection real-time monitoring and early warning service platform" to enhance the protection of national treasure-level cultural relics, and establish and improve national treasure-level cultural relic digital information preservation archives to promote the display and utilization of digital resources for national treasure-level cultural relics.

In addition, they will collect and sort out self-related historical pictures, documents, archives, and research results, explore the historical, cultural, scientific, and artistic value of national treasure-level cultural relics, and promote the utilization of cultural relics, allowing the public to share in the results of cultural relic protection.