86.3% of Shanxi adults administered first-dose vaccines


North China's Shanxi province has so far given 40.36 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to locals, according to a news conference held on Aug 3 by the Information Office of Shanxi Provincial Government. 

As a result, the coverage rate of first-dose vaccinations for people over 18 years old reached 86.3 percent, while the coverage rate of their second-dose vaccinations was 70.4 percent.

The provincial capital of Taiyuan city has administered 6.37 million doses of vaccines to around 3.57 million people, with 82 percent of people aged above 18 having received a first dose and 59.3 percent of them having received a second dose.

Both the number of doses and the number of people receiving vaccinations rank first in the province. 

Since April this year, Shanxi has set up 2,744 vaccination sites and arranged for 55,000 medical staff members, public security and community workers to stay on in their vaccination positions – completing the task for first-dose vaccinations for 12.28 million people seven days in advance and for second-dose vaccinations for 12.06 million people four days ahead of schedule.

Currently, Shanxi has started vaccinations for those aged between 15 and 17 and aims to hit the goal of the vaccination coverage rate for people over 12 years old reaching 91.2 percent by the end of October.