Shanxi restores 4,082 ha of abandoned mining land


Updated: 2021-08-03

North China's Shanxi province has completed the restoration of abandoned mining land covering 4,082 hectares to promote its green development, according to Shanxi Finance Department. 

Since 2018, Shanxi Finance Department has invested 729 million yuan ($112.75 million) in the restoration of abandoned open-pit mines in key cities around the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and on the Fenhe River-Weihe River plain. 

It has also spent 258 million yuan in restoring disused mining land in the Yellow River basin, said Wen Jiandong, an official at the department. 

Meanwhile, the province has increased its investment in conducting geological surveys. Some 280 million yuan has been spent on exploration and geological surveys of key minerals and key areas in the province since 2016.