Shanxi dispatches rescue teams to flood-hit Henan


Updated: 2021-07-22

North China's Shanxi province sent emergency response teams from its eight cities to neighboring Henan province in Central China on July 21 for flood relief and rescue efforts due to heavy rains.

In the cross-regional reinforcement, 262 firefighting and rescue personnel, 53 emergency rescue vehicles, 30 search and rescue boats, and two remote water supply systems were dispatched to Henan. 

Shanxi's rescue teams were mainly distributed throughout Yanshi district, Xin'an county, Ruyang county, and the urban area of Luoyang city, having started the dam building and dredging work.


Emergency response workers assemble in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, before going to Henan for a flood relief and rescue mission on July 21. [Photo/Taiyuan Evening News]


Shanxi's emergency response workers are prepare for a flood relief and rescue mission in Henan province on July 21. [Photo/Taiyuan Evening News]