Shanxi to establish pop-up hospital system


North China's Shanxi province will establish a system of pop-up hospitals, using mobile treatment facilities and enclosed, large-spaced buildings. 

As conventional hospitals have run out of room handling the novel coronavirus globally, makeshift field hospitals – widely called pop-up hospitals – have been set up in big public spaces designed to take large groups of people, but which can be segmented into smaller treatment areas. 

The Shanxi pop-up hospital system will focus on vehicle-mounted, box-assembled and tent-based sanitary emergency response and rescue equipment. 

To establish the system, Shanxi will accelerate the upgrading of vehicle-mounted and box-assembled mobile rescue equipment being used by national emergency medical rescue team, Shanxi Provincial Emergency Response Team for the Prevention and Control of Acute Infectious Diseases, as well as Shanxi Emergency Medical Rescue Base. 

Meanwhile, the province will improve the construction standards of large-scale stadiums, exhibition halls and other public facilities – enhancing venue settings, ventilation systems and logistics support designs.

This will serve to make them quickly transformable into rescue and isolation venues for emergencies.