E-taxation bureau aids taxpayers in Shanxi


North China's Shanxi province has continued to deepen reform and optimize its taxation environment in recent years by establishing a standardized, unified and intelligent electronic taxation bureau with a short tax handling time, top-notch procedures and high efficiency. 

The e-taxation bureau provides multiple online tax processing channels for personal computers, mobile phone applications and WeChat platforms. It has undertaken more than 90 percent of Shanxi's daily business volume and offered convenient online services to more than 99 percent of corporate taxpayers. 

"There is a service called the new taxpayer package in the e-taxation bureau, which allows new taxpayers to realize the online automatic processing of a series of tax matters – from registration to invoice receipts – without physically going to the taxation bureau," said Cao Rongrong, a financial staff member of Shanxi Jinxi Seal Co. 

Until now, 1.2 million taxpayers in Shanxi have registered and used the e-taxation bureau's services, accounting for over 97 percent of the province's total taxpayers. Also, the utilization rate of the new taxpayer package service reached 95.25 percent.

The "one-click smart tax declaration system" developed by the Shanxi branch of China Mobile Communications Group Co is another example of the successful matching of enterprise systems with Shanxi's e-taxation bureau. 

"As a large enterprise, the traditional tax declaration method consumes a lot of manpower and time during each monthly declaration period and is prone to risks such as incorrect fillings and omissions, resulting in low-quality and low-efficiency management at the headquarters," said Zhang Lei, head of the company's financial department. 

He added that since the smart tax declaration system began operating, it only takes one person at the headquarters to complete the tax declaration, down from more than 100 people before. The declaration time has been reduced to 1.5 hours from 155 hours previously, with the declaration accuracy greatly enhanced. 

The various online tax payment services of the e-taxation bureau are part of the plan for Shanxi's taxation departments at all levels to improve their services, according to Sun Huaizhong, deputy director of the tax administration and information technology department at the Shanxi Provincial Tax Service. 

Based on existing 214 online tax payment services, the local taxation departments will further expand online tax services to better serve taxpayers, said Sun.