Shanxi administers 6.04 million COVID-19 vaccinations


As of May 16, Shanxi had administered 6.04 million vaccinations against COVID-19, covering 4.64 million people, of which around 1.40 million people had completed two immunization shots. 

The majority of people gain immunity to the novel coronavirus after being vaccinated, effectively reducing the risk of infection and death caused by the pandemic. The province's mass vaccination campaign can establish a public immunity barrier and block the spread of the pandemic, according to Shanxi's disease control and prevention experts.

Currently, vaccinations against COVID-19 are available at major immunization clinics in Shanxi. Citizens can carry out vaccination registration and inquiry via Alipay, WeChat Pay, the official WeChat account of Health Shanxi and the mobile applications of Sanjintong and Health Shanxi. 

It should be noted that the protective effect of any vaccine will never be 100 percent. After being vaccinated, the public still needs to take personal protective measures and maintain social distance. 

In addition, the public should pay attention to changes in the risk level of regions and avoid going to medium- and high-risk areas.