Shanxi begins development of national regional TCM center


The first working group of Xiyuan Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences settled in the Hospital of Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine on April 19 to jointly construct the Shanxi Cardiovascular Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Xiyuan Hospital. 

It marked the official start of the Shanxi National Regional Medical Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)'s development. The center is among the first batch of national regional medical centers for TCM planned in accordance with the State Council's goal to establish regional medical centers in areas lacking high-quality medical resources.

The cardiovascular clinical diagnosis and treatment center will focus on the development of cardiovascular disciplines.

It will take advantage of Xiyuan Hospital's technology, management and branded medical services, promote the expansion of high-quality medical resources in grassroots medical institutions and improve clinical diagnosis and treatment capabilities, scientific research and development and transformation capabilities. 

The goal is to provide Shanxi residents with high-quality medical resources and reduce unnecessary interprovincial medical treatment services.