Shanxi authorities obtain registration authorization for foreign-invested enterprises


From April 1, the market supervision bureaus of 11 prefecture-level cities in North China's Shanxi province and Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone will start to handle the registration of foreign-invested enterprises in an all-around way.

This is an important measure authorized by the State Administration for Market Regulation to help the province to further optimize its business environment and encourage and promote foreign investment.

The scope of registration includes: foreign-invested enterprises setting up branches; the registration, authorization and management of branches by the higher-level market supervision department in accordance with the law; laws, administrative regulations and other provisions of the State Administration for Market Regulation.

The measure will encourage and promote foreign investment and create attractive new opportunities for local governments to use foreign capital.

It will also enhance Shanxi's level of economic opening-up, promote the rapid development of service industries, high-tech industries and equipment manufacturing, and inject new vitality into the economic transformation and development of the province.