Healthcare, protection tips during sandstorm period


In response to the recent sandstorms in North China, Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued healthcare and self-protection tips. 

During the sandstorms, residents should avoid going out and take effective personal protection measures when staying outdoors to avoid varying degrees of irritation or allergies, as well as possible respiratory problems.

Protective measures at home

Close doors and windows to prevent sand and dust from entering;

Use wet wipes and similar cleaning methods to keep rooms clean and avoid more indoor dust; 

Maintain appropriate indoor air humidity by using humidifiers and sprinklers;

Use air purifiers where possible. 

Personal protection measures

Wear N95 and above-level face protective masks to reduce damage to the respiratory tract caused by sand, floating dust, inhalable particles and fine particles;

Wear wind-proof glasses to avoid damage to the eyes caused by wind and sand. If sand and wind do enter the eyes, do not rub them with your hands and rinse your eyes with running water or employ drop eye drops as soon as possible;

Wear dust-proof equipment such as hats and gauze and wrap your head with gauze to avoid damage to skin, hair and ears caused by wind and sand;

Ensure personal hygiene by washing hands and face, rinsing your mouth and cleaning the nasal cavities after coming indoors from outside. Bath if necessary. 

Relief from discomfiture symptoms 

Drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins to keep the respiratory tract open and moist -- and treat symptoms of throat discomfort from sandy weather.