Measures rolled out to facilitate Shanxi, Taiwan commerce


The General Office of the Shanxi Provincial Government on March 4 reportedly proposed 68 specific measures to promote economic and cultural commerce between North China's Shanxi province and Taiwan.

In terms of promoting economic cooperation, qualified Taiwan-funded enterprises will equally enjoy Shanxi's preferential policies in different fields. 

For example, qualified Taiwan-funded enterprises will enjoy the province's policies on investment, finance and taxation, land, finance and talent development. That's when they invest in Shanxi's emerging industries and featured industries such as new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, non-ferrous metals and farm produce processing sectors.

Taiwan-funded enterprises can equally participate in the construction of major equipment R&D and innovation, testing and evaluation and demonstration application systems. 

They can equally participate in the construction of industrial innovation centers, engineering research centers, enterprise technology centers and industrial design centers.

They are encouraged to settle in the Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone and various national and provincial-level industrial parks, enjoying same status with other enterprises in the parks. 

In addition, modern agricultural enterprises and technical managers from Taiwan are encouraged to participate in developing folk-customs homestays, leisure agriculture and rural tourism in Shanxi.