Baquan Gorge



The Baquan Gorge scenic area is formally rated as a national 5A tourist attraction on Jan 8. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Known as the most magnificent gorge in Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon, the Baquan Gorge or Eight Spring Gorge scenic area covering 24.11 square kilometers in Huguan county in Changzhi city is rated by many as being the must-see place to go in the canyon. 

It is the most comprehensive and beautiful scenic spot, with a complete tourism infrastructure, in the canyon. 

There are eight major streams from one fountainhead in the middle to rear section of the gorge, giving it the name Eight Spring Gorge. In the middle section, there are two additional fountainheads from which other streams flow. 

Baquan Gorge has an elevation ranging from 600 meters to around 1,400 m, with a maximum drop of about 1,100 m. 

The scenic area features 36 main attractions, including a gatehouse, the gorge landscape, gurgling springs, cableways and mountain trails.

The scenic area was formally rated as a national 5A tourist attraction on Jan 8. 

Address: Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon, Huguan county, Changzhi city, Shanxi province

Service Tel: 400-0710-999

Admission ticket price: 100 yuan ($14.12)

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