Care worker training lifts families out of poverty


Updated: 2020-09-01

North China's Shanxi province has helped over 14,000 needy families out of poverty over the past few years, since it implemented a provincial care worker training and employment program. 

During the period, the province trained more than 80,000 care workers, including 23,800 people in need. 

To facilitate the implementation of the program, Shanxi established a training expert group, compiled training outlines and tutorials, as well as identified and evaluated 169 designated training institutions and clinical practice training bases.

Officials said that those trainees who passed the assessment would be issued with a qualified certificate by Shanxi Health Commission.

Shanxi also attracted private capital to unblock employment channels for care workers.

Officials said a total of 126 care worker training and management companies were included in the program, 77 of which can employ care workers in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Fujian province and Shandong province.

In addition, 38 hospitals in the province signed service agreements with professional care service companies, to regulate the management of care workers working in the hospitals.