Reminders issued to examinees in Shanxi


The Shanxi Provincial Enrollment and Examination Management Center released a notice on June 28 to remind examinees of high school entrance examinations to strengthen their self-protection during this year's examination period from July 20 to 22.

All examinees must take temperature measurements conducted by schools, truthfully report their health status and fill out the health status record forms between July 6 and 19. Guardians should continue to measure their children's temperature when they are not at school. 

The health status record forms with the examinees' and guardians' signatures should be handed over to invigilators before taking the first test on July 20, the first day of the high school entrance examination in Shanxi province.

The provincial enrollment and examination management center also reminded examinees to arrange the time and route to the examination sites and enter the sites in advance. 

Examinees are required to wear a mask when entering the test sites and receive temperature measurements. Those with temperature exceeding 37.3 C must obey the instructions of test staff members.

After entering the examination sites, examinees can decide whether to wear a mask and must avoid close contact with others before, during and after tests.

It's necessary to always wear masks during traveling between home and the test sites. If accommodation is needed, examinees should choose hotels or guesthouses with good sanitation and epidemic prevention conditions near the test sites.