IMPORTANT! Foreigners in China during the epidemic must abide by the following

(National Immigration Administration)

Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China

Article 62 Under any of the following circumstances, foreigners may be repatriated:(1) Are ordered to exit China within a prescribed time limit but fail to do so; (2) Are involved in circumstances in which they are not allowed to enter China; (3) Illegally reside or work in China; or (4) Need to be repatriated for violation of this Law or other laws or administrative regulations...Repatriated persons shall not be allowed to enter China for 1 to 5 years, calculating from the date of repatriation.

Article 67 In such cases that the exit/entry documents such as visas or foreigners' stay or residence permits are damaged, lost or stolen, or that after the issuance of such documents, the holders are found not eligible for being issued such documents, the issuing authorities shall declare the aforesaid documents void. Exit/entry documents which are forged, altered, obtained by fraudulent means or are declared void by issuing authorities shall be invalid. Public security organs may cancel or confiscate the exit/entry documents prescribed in the preceding paragraph or used fraudulently by persons other than the specified holders. 

Article 81 Where foreigners engage in activities not corresponding to the purposes of stay or residence, or otherwise violate the laws or regulations of China, which makes them no longer eligible to stay or reside in China, they may be ordered to exit China within a time limit. Where a foreigner's violation of this Law is serious but does not constitute a crime, the Ministry of Public Security may deport them. The penalty decision made by the Ministry of Public Security shall be final. Deported foreigners shall not be allowed to enter China within 10 years calculating from the date of deportation.

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