Pakistani young delegation visits Shanxi


Updated: 2019-11-14

A Pakistani youth delegation with 100 members visited Shanxi province on Nov 9-11 at the invitation of the All-China Youth Federation. 

It was the largest foreign youth delegation that the province had received in recent years, according to officials. 

The delegation visited the Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone, Taiyuan Xinjian Road Primary School Education Group and Alibaba Innovation Center and met with young startups of small and medium-sized enterprises and undergraduates from Taiyuan University of Technology. 

Officials said the visit was a move to enhance understanding and friendship between young people in the two countries. It will further expand Shanxi's opening up in youth communications sector, they added. 

The Shanxi Youth Federation will also take the visit as an opportunity to further develop a youth communications and cooperation platform for economic and cultural exchanges, talent cultivation, innovation and entrepreneurship.