Pingyao to build its first college


Updated: 2019-11-12


Shi Yong, head of Pingyao county, signs a partnership agreement with Liu Yaoguo, chairman of Shanxi Daren International Education Co, on Nov 11. [Photo/]

Pingyao county will welcome its first college -- as an agreement on building an education, science and technology innovation center was signed by the Pingyao county government and Shanxi Daren International Education Co on Nov 11, officials said.

Shanxi Daren International Education Co is an educational investment institution. It has well-known institutions such as the China Australia Business College of Shanxi and the College of Information and Business at North University of China.

With a total investment of 2 billion yuan ($285.57 million), the college will cover an area of over 40 hectares near Tianlu Lake. 

It is expected to accommodate more than 20,000 students once construction is completed of  infrastructure, library, research, teaching, administration and industry-university cooperation facilities. 

Officials said the two partners will develop the college into a platform for county cultural education industry development and as a comprehensive base for university-business-research institute cooperation. 

This, they said, would help improve local industrial investment, talent attraction, economic growth and culture and tourism development.