Shanxi, Belarus region sign cooperation memorandum


Updated: 2019-11-08

Wang Yixin, vice-governor of Shanxi province, signed a memorandum of friendship and cooperation with Klec Andrej Anatoljevich, deputy head of the Brest region in the Republic of Belarus, in Shanghai on Nov 6. 

The two sides met to expand cooperation -- seizing the opportunity brought about by the ongoing 2nd China International Import Expo in Shanghai, which runs Nov 5-10. 

Wang Yixin said that there was a sound foundation for cooperation between Shanxi and Brest and the prospects were good. He said the signing of the memorandum was an important milestone to further the relationship between the two regions. 

He urged both sides to strengthen contacts between their respective governments, taking cultural communications as the starting point, to promote exchanges between companies and gradually increase trade and investment for common development. 

Klec Andrej Anatoljevich echoed Wang's willingness to advance win-win cooperation at the meeting. 

The Brest region of Belarus borders Poland in the west and the Ukraine in the south. It has many national parks and nature reserves, many of which have special status in protecting rare wildlife.