Shanxi LED producer wins overseas trademark rights


Updated: 2019-10-15


A hive of activity: a massive factory operated by Shanxi High-tech Huaye Electronic Group Co [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Shanxi High-tech Huaye Electronic Group Co, a company with a series of top quality and competitive LED products based in Shanxi province, recently won a series of overseas trademark rights, according to a spokesman.

Founded in 2013, the group currently has 3,500 employees and is committed to technological innovation, he said. 

Through years of innovation, intellectual property protection and scientific research team building, the company has achieved the launch of high-end products which have gradually paved the way forward for its current leading position in the LED technology industry. 

These include a small-pitch (2.0 millimeter or less) LED display, the RGB1010/RGB1515 series package light source and the P0.833 high-definition 4K industrial TV. 

Over the past six years, the group has obtained 235 patents, established two provincial-level technology centers, five high-tech enterprises and a national-level photoelectric product testing center. In 2018, its sales revenue hit 2.16 billion yuan ($304.37 million). 

Patents are the boosters for the group to make gains in the market. At present, the company has more than 2,000 distribution stores nationwide and its GKGD trademark has become a well-known brand in the LED industry. 

However, its increasing popularity has not come without cost and in early 2018, the company said that its GKGD trademark was maliciously compromised in Indonesia. 

After more than a year of efforts, the group recovered its own trademark rights in the Indonesian market and went on to obtain overseas trademark rights in the European Union, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Vietnam in July 2019.

In addition, the company's trademark registration applications in more than 20 countries -- including the United States, India, Brazil and South Korea -- have also been accepted, with brand protection in the overseas markets being established. 

The company director said the registration of international trademarks had laid a solid foundation for the internationalization of the company's brands and its participation in the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Its LED display products have been adopted in Astana International Airport in Kazakhstan, used in football stadiums hosting the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament in Egypt and at Ikea stores in Moscow. 

The further development of traditional markets in Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain, Egypt -- and exploration of the Indian, Turkey, and Iran markets -- has won the company more foreign trade orders.

The company said its international income for the first eight month of 2019 has exceeded the total overseas earnings for 2018.