Pingyao county rebuilds infrastructure network

Updated: 2019-10-14

In a major infrastructure undertaking, Pingyao county has been reconstructing its power and water utility tunnels for months, according to local officials. 

Earlier in June, Shanxi Construction Investment Group and Shanxi Sixth Construction Group won the bidding for infrastructure upgrade of the Ancient City of Pingyao, by offering a public-private partnership model. 

The project involves an estimated investment of 1.39 billion yuan ($196 million). It includes the construction of a new 30 kilometer pipeline, relocation and restoration of existing pipelines, road reconstruction and restoration and construction of 16 km of power channel outside the Ancient City of Pingyao. 

Officials said that the implementation of rain and sewage diversions will effectively improve the city’s the air quality, lay the foundations for rebuilding toilets and a better living environment. 

They added that the renovation of the electric power sector will completely resolve the winter heating supply shortfalls for resident. A water supply expansion will pressurize the water pipelines for firefighting, so as to further protect the Ancient City of Pingyao. 

"The culverts of all roads need to be opened and measured," said Song Hongqi, deputy chief engineer of Shanxi Sixth Construction Group. These, he said, would ensure infrastructure solutions that would stand the test of time. 

Song said that in the early stages of the project, a preliminary design plan was drawn up. 

This investigated the current situation of local streets and alleys, residential buildings and 19 State-level and 101 provincial and county-level cultural relics sites under protection. 

It also examined underground pipelines along the street and checked the topographic map of the ancient city produced in the 1970s. 

Officials said that currently, the north wall base of the Ancient City of Pingyao is being surveyed. The underground power distribution design has been tested by experts.