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Zhang Hongliang

Updated: 2021-02-18


Zhang Hongliang makes a grit teapot. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Zhang Hongliang, a native of Yangquan city who was born in local Pingding county in 1970, has devoted himself to grit ware for more than 30 years.

After years of hard work, inheritance and innovation, Zhang changed the artistic and functional scope of traditional grit ware. He also established a grit ware museum and the Grit Ware Research Institute of China Ceramics Industry Association, filling the gap in domestic grit ware museums and research institutes. 

He successfully combined Pingding grit ware production with techniques used to make Pingyao polished lacquerware and Yixing Zisha (purple clay), as well as Chinese paper cutting, painting, calligraphy and sculpture making, and he applied for more than 30 related patents.


A grit teapot made by Zhang Hongliang. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The art master was recently selected as one of the role models for the "Cultural China – Role Model of the Times" stamps and commemorative collection. The collection was issued globally by the China International Culture and Art Development and Exchange Center, United Nations World Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Foundation, EU Philately Association, L'officiel Art magazine and Shanshui Danqing International Art Center. This great honor demonstrates the world's recognition and praise of Zhang's outstanding artistic achievements and its appreciation for Chinese culture.