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Features and advantages of Yangquan Economic and Technological Development Zone

Updated: 2020-09-15

1. Transportation:

The zone is located in the northeast of Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province and is closely connected with the urban area. Two railways and four high-speed lines surround the zone, which helps attract major investors and new projects and facilitates the flow of people, logistics and information.

2. Energy supplies:

The supply of coal, gas and natural gas is sufficient and stable. Enterprises in the zone can enjoy a direct power supply from energy distribution and sales companies. In addition, the zone can provide enterprises with a high-quality and low-cost gas supply.

3. Traditional industries:

Traditional industries -- such as equipment manufacturing, chemicals and logistics -- have a solid development foundation in the zone, with a number of competitive companies having subsequently moved there. In particular, the zone is developing rapidly in coal machinery manufacturing and in the high-end laser manufacturing sectors. 

4. Information infrastructure:

All buildings in the zone have access to optical fiber. The wireless broadband network covers major public places such as stations, squares, parks, large shopping malls and schools. 

5. Healthy green environment:

The zone has efficient facilities for optimal lifestyle and residential conditions, as well as for education, medical care and shopping. The green space area accounts for 44.18 percent of the total area of the zone. 

6. Policies:

A number of policies that target leading industries in the zone have been rolled out. These offer grants and subsidies for investors in terms of fixed asset investment, taxation, housing rentals, research and development, financing, electric power and employee training.

7. Business giant:

The Baidu (Yangquan) Cloud Computing Center located in the zone has established a solid foundation for the development of big data and related industries, with technical and personnel support from Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc. In addition, the Baidu (Yangquan) innovation center and the Yungu Entrepreneurship and Technology Park will help develop intelligent internet of things applications and expand the industrial upgrading of the zone.